Board of Directors

The Bylaws of the CMTP indicate that the four officers are to be chosen from the chairpersons of the standing committees.  These officers serve for one year but are not limited to a single term (April through March).

The Board of the CMTP is made up of eight chairpersons and up to five "at-large" members for a total of up to 13 board members.  The five "at-large" board members are chose from the patriot members of the CMTP.  There is no requirement to fill all of the "at-large" positions so the number is largely set by the number who can and will serve and to some extent on the amount of work projected for the year.

It is the desire of the officers and board of the CMTP that all who desire to serve have the opportunity.  In order for the CMTP to be run as the members desire, it is important that new members choose a committee, get involved and be sure to vote in March.  If any member desires to serve on the board, it is important that they let it be known that they are willing to serve as the chairperson of a committee or that they would like to be an "at-large" member of the board.


Committee  Chairperson  Officer Position 
Communications Janis Lane President
Elections Paul Buison  
Events Michael Bostic Vice President
Finance Sandra Inman  
Issues Laura Van Overschelde  
Membership Arnold Jackson Treasurer
Prayer Rita Anderson Secretary
Speakers Veronica Naylor  
Emeritous Roy Nicholson  
At Large Member Vacant  
At Large Member Matthew Lehman  
At Large Member Mary McLaurin  
At Large Member Judy Batson  
At Large Member Don Hartness