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The Central Mississippi Tea Party(CMTP) has eight standing committees.  These committees were created to share the work and to establish boundaries so that any member can perform the duties of chairperson and to work within the tea party where they will be most useful.  A description of the work performed by each committee will give new members an idea of where they want to work and it serves as a quasi job description for the skills needed for the chairperson of each committee.  The chairperson of each committee is chosen by the members of the committee in March of each year.  The term of the chairperson is for a period of one year (April through March), however, the committee members may choose to elect a chairperson for multiple terms.  The committees meet monthly to prepare for upcoming meetings, events, issues, etc.

The Bylaws of the CMTP indicate that the five officers are to be chosen from the chairpersons of the standing committees.  These officers serve for one year but are not limited to a single term (April through March).

It is the desire of the officers and board of the CMTP that all who desire to serve have the opportunity.  In order for the CMTP to be run as the members desire, it is important that new members choose a committee, get involved and be sure to vote in March.  If any member desires to serve on the board, it is important that they let it be known that they are willing to serve as the chairperson of a committee or that they would like to be an "at-large" member of the board.

Committee Chairperson
Vice Chairperson
Committee Description
Communications Matthew Lehman The Communications Committee works with other committees to market events planned by the CMTP.  Responsibilities include finding media that will promote CMTP events, find outlets where we get the most for dollars spent.  They also develop the message for the event, develop the press releases, convey to members the message that we want to get out to encourage others to attend the events.  They may develop statements concerning issues and may supply the spokesman concerning the issues.  It is the responsibility of the chairperson to coordinate with other committees and keeping the CMTP Board of Directors.
Elections Vince Thornton The Elections Committee works with the Speakers Committee to find speakers for events during election years.  Those running for office need an avenue to get their message out and it is important to know their message ahead of time, especially if it is contrary to CMTP principles.  The Elections Committee may develop questions for debates, questionnaires to vet candidate positions, and work to determine which candidates best promote the principles of the CMTP.  The chairperson is responsible for coordinating with other committees and keeping the CMTP Board of Directors informed.
Events Michael Bostic

Noreen Bordelon
The Events Committee is responsible for finding facilities to hold meeting and special events.  These may be a meeting room(s) only or it may be facilities that furnish refreshments, meals, and/or audio visual equipment.  Some Events are strictly indoor and others are best held outdoors.  The Events Committee coordinates with other committees for members to "meet and greet", guides for parking, controlling handicapped parking, parking for speakers and/or entertainers.  The Events Committee must work with the Finance Committee and Treasurer concerning expenditures for an event.  In addition the CMTP Board of Directors must be kept informed as plans are developed and completed.
Finance Sandra Inman
The Finance Committee is responsible for developing a budget for the CMTP, coordinating with other committees to develop fund raising events, projecting cost and revenues for meetings and events.  The chairperson is responsible for working with the Treasurer and keeping the CMTP Board of Directors informed about all financial matters.
Issues Laura Van Overschelde
The Issues Committee  follows government agendas aided by lobbyists and interest groups to determine which ones affect the principles of the CMTP.  The committee leads the way in supporting, defending or opposing bills and they convey their support, opposition or concerns to the other members of the CMTP.  They will articulate plans of action in coordination with other committees and the chairperson is responsible for keeping the CMTP Board of Directors informed of fast changing events.
Membership Arnold Jackson
The Membership Committee maintains a list of active members, encourages recruitment of new members and welcomes visitors and new members.  The membership looks for new avenues to increase membership, particularly new membership.  The chairperson keeps the CMTP Board of Directors informed on issues affecting membership and the number of members.
Trisha McNaulty
The Prayer Committee may be the most important committee in the CMTP.  We believe that prayers are answered when we pray and truly believe in the power of prayer.  These members pray for the CMTP and other tea party groups.  They also pray for those who are brave enough to speak up for our principles, and they pray for a change of heart in those who oppose our principles.  The Prayer Committee has been instrumental in setting the tone of our involvement, care for each other and those we believe in.  This is one committee that never gets a break but the rewards are great.
Speakers Don Hartness
The Speaker Committee seeks to develop those who aspire to public speaking.  The CMTP is blessed with a number of good speakers who are also good teachers and they can help speaker trainees with techniques, delivery and most important research of the topic they speak on.  If it is debate or a controversial subject, it is important to understand what the other side will say and think.  The Speaker Committee is instrumental in working with other committees on events, getting speakers, vetting candidates, developing questionnaires and questions for debates.  The chairperson is responsible for informing the CMTP Board of Directors about their activities.