The Central Mississippi Tea Party



The Central Mississippi Tea Party is a nonpartisan conservative organization that works for three main principles.

  • Limited Government.
  • Fiscal Responsibility and.
  • Free Market Principles.

This organization believes that the founding documents, The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and The Bill of Rights should be interpreted as the Founders intended. These founding documents kept the United States of America free for over a century and freedom for its citizens can be assured only by a return to constitutionally limited government.

This organization uses donations to fund educational activities, activities that encourage grass roots citizens to be actively involved in the spread of freedom and to actively oppose those who might limit the freedom and liberties guaranteed by the founding documents.

Your Donation will be used wisely by the organization's members and leadership. We know that we must work hard to deserve your trust and future donations. Thank you for your generosity and belief in The Central Mississippi Tea Party.

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