Links to Talk Radio Sites

Go to the talk show hosts that you like by going to the links below.  Check them out.  Some are local but most are nationally syndicated.

If you have an iPhone or other smart phone, listen to 1500 radio stations by subscribing to iHeart Radio.

Kim Wade Show - On the air at WYAB, 103.9 FM 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  Kim has posted very good reading on his site.

Herman Cain - Conservative talk radio show host and former presidential candidate.  Also see his tv show at


Rush Limbaugh - Official site. Includes various news and features as well as live audio and a listing of stations which carry the talk show.  Download app for IPhone and other phones, receive podcasts.

Sean Hannity - Conservative radio talk show host and The Shawn Hannity Show on the Fox news Channel.

Glenn Beck - Weekdays 8 am, Best-selling author and star of radio, TV, stage, and more, Glenn Beck connects with listeners in a whole new way - inspiring with his personal stories, insightful views, and sharp opinions. His quick wit and engaging personality have made the program one of the highest rated in America.

Glenn Beck Network on TV - A must see to keep up with the most pressing events of the day.  It is now called The Blaze TV - The Blaze TV NetworkYou must subscribe to watch it for $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.  You can watch "The Glenn Beck Radio Show", "The Glenn Beck TV Show", "The Real News" (better than The Five on Fox tv), "Andrew Wilcow TV Show" (The Wilcow Majority on Sirius Patriot Radio), Liberty TV, "Mercury One" and "The Blaze News" (daily newsletter), specials called "For the Record".  Watch live or find shows in the archives.

WJNT Talk Radio AM 1180 - Home for Laura Ingram, and Mark Levin.

Laura Ingraham - The Laura Ingraham is your healthy radio addiction.

Mark Levin - The Great One, talk radio show host and author of several books including "Liberty and Tyranny".  Download app and get station info.

Super Talk Mississippi 97.3 FM - Hear your favorite talk radio shows all across Mississippi.  Home to the Paul Gallo Show, the JT Show, On Deadline with Sid Salter, Lars Larson, and much more.

Paul Gallo Show - The morning buzz.  Local and state news and political talk show.

The JT Show - "For as long as SuperTalk Mississippi has been on the air, we have been stirring the pot of Mississippi Politics, Mississippi Culture, and Mississippi Cuisine." 

Mike Huckabee Show - News and comments about the news of the day, parodies, archived shows and info on stations.

The Lars Larson Show - This is a conservative talk show with a slightly different approach to dealing with the pros and cons.

Sirius XM Patriot Radio - If you have satellite radio, you can hear conservative talk radio like no other on Sirius XM Channel 125.  All conservative patriot radio.  Go to the website to see times and a full lineup of the patriotic Americans.

The Mike Church Show Daily 6 am ET“A man, a myth, a machine of clear Constitutional thought.” Mike Church fearlessly skewers liberalism and the people who practice it – using facts to promote the singular notion that in order to save our future, we must look back to the principles our beloved union was founded upon. Call 866-95-PATRIOT

The Wilkow Majority Weekdays 12 pm ET " Raised during Reagan, suffered through Clinton” – Andrew Wilkow provides perfectly executed political analysis and unmistakable opinions in “one thing and one thing only… and that is rational thought.” Individual Patriot first, conservative second, Republican third, reach Andrew at 866-95-PATRIOT.

Fox News Talk - Satellite Radio, Sirius XM Channel 115.  Go to this website or radio channels to hear some who are on Cable TV, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel.

Brietbart TV - See Andrew Brietbart expose big government, corruption, double talk, Acorn and other investigative reporting.

Pajamas TV - News that you may not find any other place.